Accurate and Fast Tumor Marker Tests at Realy Product Center

Discover accurate and fast AFP/CEA/FOB/PSA qualitative colloidal gold rapid tests at Realy's product center. Our tumor marker tests offer easy specimen collection and come in convenient kit sizes for efficient testing.

Tumor Marker Tests

Product DescriptionSpecimenFormatKit Size
AFP Rapid Test DeviceWB / S/PDevice 25 T
CEA Rapid Test DeviceWB /S/PDevice 25 T
FOB Rapid Test DeviceFECESDevice/Strip 25 T; 50T
PSA Qualitative Rapid Test DeviceWB /S/ PDevice/Strip 25 T; 50T
Transferin/FOBand Hb-Hp Combo Rapid Test DeviceFECESDevice 25 T

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  • At Realy, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of tumor marker tests for AFP, CEA, FOB, and PSA. Our rapid test devices are designed for accurate and reliable results, making them ideal for clinical settings. The easy-to-use format and quick turnaround time make our tests a valuable tool for healthcare professionals seeking efficient diagnostic solutions. With our transferin/FOB and Hb-Hp combo rapid test device, you can streamline the testing process and confidently assess tumor markers with confidence. Upgrade your diagnostic capabilities with Realy's high-quality tumor marker tests today.

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